The Education Committee of the Greater Irving – Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce coordinated the second phase of the ExecuPal program this fall.  The purpose of the program is to give businesses an “inside look” at public, charter and private schools and universities in the city of Irving.

This activity enables the chamber to emphasize the importance of school/business partnerships and encourage businesses to get involved in education.  A pilot program occurred last spring involving 3 schools.  This pilot helped establish the framework for the fall program which engaged 11 principal/executive matches.  The long term goal is to have every participating school in the city of Irving matched to a business professional on an annual basis.

Business executives were invited by the chamber to participate in the program a few months prior to the event.  They submitted a profile form that was shared with the school principal.  This allowed them to get a snapshot of the executive and be able to customize an agenda of activities around their background and interests.

With the initial program, the chamber chose not to do a “hard sell” to the business executive but chose to simply give them a great experience, make them aware of the campus strengths and needs, and let the executive initiate the offer to continue to work together to help the students.  This would prevent turning people off and possibly losing future possibilities for that particular company to send more participants in the following years.

There was no set agenda but schools were asked to organize a schedule of activities that allowed them to truly get the “principal” effect.  This could include greeting students in the morning, doing announcements, visiting classrooms, monitoring lunch rooms, visiting with student groups, etc.  This spring/summer, roles will switch and principals will have the opportunity to visit their ExecuPal’s place of business.

To view the results from surveys collected from both principals and executives, click here.  This summary will help develop future programs in a more focused, purposeful method.

If you know of a company that would like to be involved next fall, contact Joy Goodrum at GILCCC at

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