After the tragic Connecticut school shooting that left 20 elementary school children dead, school districts across North Texas are sharing their safety protocols with parents. Several districts have emailed parents to review the steps that are taken on a daily basis to keep students safe.

Irving ISD:

In light of the tragedy in Connecticut, our employees have been reminded to be diligent in implementing our security protocols with visitors coming to school.

· Every campus personnel is expected to actively engage all visitors.
· No one should enter any school (including staff) before checking in and scanning their ID in the front office (or providing a valid staff ID).
· All of the classroom doors are to be locked and are only to be opened by the teacher after determining who the visitor is   and why they are there.
· Police and district security officers monitor every campus in Irving ISD during the school day.
· All employees are encouraged to alert authorities if they see anything suspicious on their campus.

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