The Irving Police Department says new strategies and technology are paying off in the fight against crime. Police Chief Larry Boyd, who has been leading the department for the past eight years, said crime rates have decreased for the majority of his tenure. “For all the seven years that we saw reductions every year, 2011 was the largest reduction of them, so not only has crime been going down all these years, it actually picked up speed last year,” he said. High-tech tools are largely to thank, Boyd said. Accountability within the team, finding root cases of problems and focusing on youth outreach have also been major factors, he said. “The city has a significant investment in technology for the police department,” Boyd said. “We’re in the process right now of replacing our radio system and the process of replacing the technology that we use to transmit digital data to and from the field.” Within the year, the police department purchased two generators that give unprecedented ability to power the entire Criminal Justice Complex in the event of a power outage. Police said they believe their efforts off the streets will translate to a continued reduction in crime throughout the city. The department also created a Twitter account this week.

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