All Irving ISD high school students were challenged to write an essay about their dreams and aspirations.  Each of the winners will be awarded their prize on January 24, 2013 once they have finalized the completion of their paperwork. 

The five 1st place winners will create a video that will be entered in a nationwide voting competition. Each of the five videos will be uploaded into the Ford website for public viewing and public voting. The online competition for best video will last for four weeks. The district winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship through the Stars on Rise organization and will also win $3,000 to be awarded to a school club or program of their choice.

Listed below are the campus winners of the Ford Driving Dreams essay competition.

First Place Winners – Apple MacBook Pro and Video Camera: Chelsea Myatt (Cardwell Career Prep), Alexandria Martinez (Irving High School), Raul A. Gonzalez (MacArthur High School), Rachel Van Pamel (Nimitz High School), Amanda Jackson (Singley Academy).

Second Place Winners – iPad and $300 Gift Certificate: Cristian Rodriguez (Cardwell Career Prep), Brittani Monk (Irving High School), Alexandra Odinio (MacArthur High School), Sarah Lane (Nimitz High School), Jennifer Consuelo (Singley Academy).

Third Place Winners – $500 Gift Certificate: Martin Gonzalez (Cardwell Career Prep), Zach Hughes (Irving High School), Jocelyn Zuniga (MacArthur High School), Erica Venegas (Nimitz High School), Triza Nganga (Singley Academy).

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