The Life By Design 30-Day Challenge official start date is November 12th and making the commitment is the first step. Write “I’m in!” on the My Life By Design Facebook Fanpage.  The bulk of the 30- Day Challenge will be hosted from that page in order to bring the entire Life By Design community worldwide together into one central hub. Let everyone you know you are challenging yourself for 30 days to live as close to “By Design” as possible – accountability is powerful.

Follow the steps:  Brain Body Connection – Eat By Design – Move By Design- Rest, Play, Love – Clearly Define Your Purpose -the more you follow the bigger the impact. This is not simply about “losing weight”, there is enough of that mentality to go around, it is about being well, fulfilling the requirements for a full expression of life and watching what happens, not just to your physique but your well-being on ALL levels. Our philosophy – No one has ever died from being too awesome.

Participate – share your goals, recipes, your daily movement, training, the days you get your neuropsinal system checked and receive needed adjustments, your meals, pics (take pre/post for yourself and even post them if you’re courageous). Take a few measurements (waist, thighs, arms, chest) – schedule a nerve system assessment at the beginning and end of the 30 days to document the differences in function – there will be millions of physiological changes but it’s nice to measure a few.

The Life By Design 30-Day Challenge is looking forward to hearing of your successes. Ask questions & encourage others. Check back to this FB too for occasional personal updates and successes from our office.

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