In Irving ISD Advanced Placement (AP) participation and performance has continued to increase over time through a strategically developed  AP Action Plan. Regarding participation and performance,  2011-2012 was a winning school year for students enrolled in AP courses in Irving ISD. While experiencing a considerable increase in number of students and exams, Irving ISD students were able to significantly improve their performance on AP exams as well.

  • 9.4% increase in the number students participating in AP courses
  • 11.8% increase in number of AP exams taken
  • 17.6% increase in the number of AP exams with scores of 3s, 4,s and 5s
  • 1.7% increase in the percentage of 3s, 4s, 5s – 34.2%
  • 14.4% increase in the number of AP Scholars (students who receive a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams)

Irving ISD, a district that is fully committed to connecting students to college success and opportunity through the vision of excellence and equity for all, offers twenty-four AP courses taught by seventy-three AP teachers. The open enrollment approach to the AP Program in Irving ISD encourages students to participate in AP courses if they are willing to commit to the high level of rigor and the more extensive preparation time.  All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam in May of each year. Irving ISD pays for the fees related to those exams.

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