In celebration of Disabilities awareness month, Deaf Entrepreneurs of America Foundation (D.E.A.F) is working to raise awareness among employers about Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) jobseekers in Dallas/Fort Worth by announcing our Deaf Friendly Training™ program.

Deaf Friendly Training™ program was created to introduce companies to skilled and highly qualified D/HH jobseekers and assists companies with lowering communication barriers by teaching basic American Sign Language (ASL) onsite. This training is a must for any company diversity program and helps companies to be compliant with ADA regulations. In honor of Disabilities Awareness Month our Deaf Friendly Training™ will be offered for FREE to companies that schedule interviews with D/HH job seekers October 1 – 31. The State of Texas estimates that there are about 3.8 million D/HH in the state. In 2010 the founder Ché Hill took notice of this underserved population which is estimated at about 210,000 in DFW, and formed D.E.A.F to meet the needs of D/HH entrepreneurs and job seekers.

D.E.A.F offers the following services to individuals with special needs and disabilities and specializes in working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Disabled Veterans: Job Coaching, Job Placement, Job Search Assistance, Resume Development, Supported Employment, Transition Assistance, Interview Preparation and Coaching. Each service listed is offered in English and full ASL without the use of an interpreter.

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