Novation, the leading health care supply chain expertise and contracting company for the members of VHA Inc., UHC, Children’s Hospital Association, and Provista LLC, announced the release of its 2012 economic trends reports.  The Summer-Fall 2012 Budget Impact Projections report provides health care organizations with information to assist in the supply-related budgeting process and more effectively managing supply costs. The report uses a number of resources, including Novation contract information and category experts, suppliers, raw material resources, the U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) and the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI). The report examines economic indicators such as the CPI and PPI, commodities, global exchange rates, labor costs, and the state of the global economy. Finally, the report highlights trends on the overall food market and detailed information on categories such as wheat, corn and dairy products. Based on the information examined in the report, Novation anticipates the overall national market prices for health care supplies to increase 2.9 percent in 2013.

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