The School Supplies for Success Event was intended to bring the City, School District, Business community, and Faith-based & Non-profit organizations together to positively impact the neediest children in Irving. The event was an overwhelming success held on Saturday, August 18th, at Irving High School.

The Committee has been meeting monthly since September 2011 to ensure a smooth, efficient, and effective event. The Committee represented various segments of the Irving Community including: Wendy Gibson Chase Bank, Erin Yacho Irving ISD, Anna Martinez-Heil Irving Bible Church, Doug Fox YMCA, Tricia Kinsman (IBC), Teresa Villasenor Irving Fire Dept., Chief Victor Conley (Irving Fire Dept.), Priscilla Vigiliante-Montgomery Children’s Dental Center of Irving, Chris Carathers Irving North Church, Pat Lamb IISD, Billy Rudolph (IISD), Thelma Cantu (IISD), Michael Rosenberger (IISD), and Karen Beauchamp (IISD).

Particularly involved in the event were: Irving HS Principal Linda Kimm, Asst. Principal Toni Goodman and their staff who held the event in spite of proximity to the beginning of school.

Irving Bible Church and the Irving Las Colinas Rotary Club collected and purchased nearly 2,000 backpacks stuffed with school supplies and supplied 15 volunteers for the event. CHASE Bank Employees sorted and stuffed nearly 1,000 backpacks and supplied nearly a dozen volunteers. CITI Employees delivered 325 stuffed backpacks and supplied 6 volunteers. Irving ISD Food Services helped identify the neediest families, coordinated registration, and provided more than 2,000 children with food as they exited the event. 12 Irving HS ROTC Students & Teen Court Students volunteered at the event providing energy and enthusiasm at registrations and in the backpack corral. The Irving Fire Department picked up all 3,300 stuffed backpacks from several locations and delivered them to Irving HS.

More than 200 free vision screenings were given from Irving Lion’s Clubs which identified 147 children in need of glasses; The Lion’s Clubs will purchase and outfit each of these children with glasses in partnership with Irving ISD’s Health Services Department. Children’s Dental Center of Irving, Baylor College of Dentistry, and Cool Kids Dental provided dental screenings to more than 300 students and referred 25% of these students. Irving Senior Arts Program provided 75 stuffed backpacks and 20+ volunteers. 24+ volunteers from Irving North Church, Antioch Christian Church, and Irving’s Youth Council & Youth Action Council also helped.

An estimated 4,000 people attended the event, interacting with local agencies offering programs and services to the neediest families.

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