McDonald’s MacArthur Location is extending an invitation to all Irving Schools in order to participate in a unique event that will increase school spirit and generate excitement in the community, all while raising funds for Irving schools’ needs.

On September 11, 18, or 25, participating McDonald’s restaurants throughout Irving will be teaming with local schools to celebrate “McTeacher Night.”  This special evening will give schools the opportunity to raise funds for programs, equipment or any other special projects. While students, parents, and other school supporters dine at McDonald’s, teachers and school staff will work behind the counter.  The school will receive up to 20% of all sales garnered during the program’s three-hour period.  McDonald’s is committed to education and dedicated to making Irving a better place.

In order to partner with McDonald’s contact Kim White at  972-401-0996, or email at

The MacArthur McDonald’s is located at:

MacArthur & 635

750 W. LBJ Fwy

Irving, TX 75023

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