The U.S. Chamber is hard at work in Washington D.C; here are some of the key projects they have been working on:


  • The American Jobs and Growth Agenda. June’s focus was on innovation, and July’s focus is turned to fiscal responsibility toward entitlement reform. With ads published in both the Wall Street Journal and Politico, the U.S. Chamber has also held events such as the JOBS Summit, with content from and a strong social media engagement via Facebook and Twitter. Their lobbying team has also met with members of Congress to discuss the possibility of crisis with the upcoming “fiscal cliff.”

  • The U.S. Chamber’s Q2 Small Business Survey. Released July 16th, this survey revealed that 82% of small businesses believe that the economy is on the wrong track. To read the press release, click here.

  • The U.S. Chamber Blog. Recently, the topic of free enterprise re-entered the national debate when President Obama remarked that “If you’ve got a business, you did not build that-somebody else made that happen.” David Chavern has released a very thoughtful post rebutting this statement. This post was viewed by 3,000 unique visitors to, re-tweeted 265 times, shared via Facebook 75 times, receiving 48 comments, 462 likes, and has been seen by nearly 30,000 people.

  • The 2012 Election. The U.S. Chamber continues its unprecedented voter education efforts in advance of the 2012 election. On July 17th, they launched a major new ad blitz in four crucial Senate races across the nation. The ads, running in Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and North Dakota, highlight candidates’ positions on issues critical to economic growth and job creation, such as domestic energy production, health care, and government spending.  The ads are available here, and you can read the press release on their voter education efforts here. The U.S. Chamber plans to release additional ads in other key races right up to the election.
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