Friday, June 29th, Microsoft’s second largest campus in country, located here
in Irving, opened its doors to this year’s Technology Leadership Council (TLC)
Innovation Award winners. 

As a part of the TLC’s incubator program, Alan Benitez and Cody Patton, two
Irving ISD students, spent their day with Microsoft’s Technology Center
Director, Paul Kimbel. 

The students toured the facility and were given several hands-on
experiences.  Alan wrote, “My favorite part of the day at Microsoft was
when we saw and talked about the video of the future vision that Microsoft has,
near the end of the tour. I thought it was really interesting and it appealed
to me because I’m really interested in technology and its advancements. It’s
incredible how there really seems to be no limits to what we can do and
accomplish with technology.” 


in the e-mail accounting his experiences he wrote, “I learned a lot! I want to
give everyone at the Microsoft Technology Center a special thanks, specially to
Mr. Paul Kimbel and his colleagues. This was a fun and great learning
experience for me, and I’m sure Cody as well.”

In the coming weeks, the students and the
council will visit NEC of America, also located in Irving for a tour and more
training through the incubator program.

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