Irving ISD trustees finished up their annual
report card of Superintendent Dana Bedden during closed session at Monday’s school
board meeting. During the afternoon work session, board president Ronda
Huffstetler proposed another evaluation tool for the district: one that would
assess the school board itself. Huffstetler said it’s important to look at how
the board functions and she said she wants to create a board policy and
evaluation tool for trustees to consider by this fall.


“To me, it’s a check — are we on track or off
track?” Huffstetler said. She attached several samples of proposed board
policies and example evaluation templates from the Texas Association of School
Boards (TASB) and from the Harris County Board of Education to Monday’s
proposal. Her proposal could call on trustees to rate the board on items such
as vision, structure, accountability, advocacy and unity. The proposal would
call for a self-evaluation of the board and board member performance that also
could include such items as relationships with others and performance at


“I think that it needs to be done before next year’s
election,” she said. “It’s important to see how we all

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