Photo Oops.JPGWalter Harvey was known for great barbeque in Irving.  He was also known for the unique wood
carvings that he made.  The Irving
Heritage Society has placed three recently acquired carvings on display at the
Heritage Senior Center, 2nd and Jefferson.
Harvey’s daughter Kary Fieseler and family have added some of their
personal pieces to the display as well.
The pieces join a larger carving by Harvey of the Old Kit General Store
on long term display at the Heritage Center.

During the early days, when Walter Harvey was establishing his barbeque business, he found himself with time on his hands.   To fill the down-time he taught himself to whittle.  He found he had a natural ability and over the years became very skilled at the craft.  His carvings, many of them caricature carvings of cowboy figures, reflect Walter’s sly sense of humor.

Members of the community treasure their pieces of Walter Harvey folk-art.  Walter Harvey, who died in 2001, is himself a piece of Americana.

For information on the Irving Heritage Society, visit or call

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