18 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the region, North Texas ranks sixth
among metropolitan areas with the most companies, according to data compiled by
the North Texas Commission following the May 7 release of the Fortune 500 list.

revenue for the 18 firms in North Texas topped $782 billion, an increase of
more than $111 billion or 16.6 percent from last year’s total. North Texas
ranked second in total revenue behind only the New York metropolitan area.

Exxon Mobil ousted Wal-Mart as the top-ranked company. Exxon Mobil, an NTC 
member since 1991, posted nearly $453 billion in revenue in 2011. Other North
Texas companies include AT&T ranked No. 11, American Airlines at No. 123,
Fluor at No. 124, Texas Instruments at No. 200 and Energy Future Holdings at
No. 357. For the complete list of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in North
Texas, click here.

last few years have been rough for all businesses in our country and we’re
proud of all the corporate citizens who are highlighted,” said Mabrie Jackson,
president and CEO of the North Texas Commission. “It’s impressive to see that
our Fortune 500 companies continue to make a significant contribution to our
region’s economy.”

MetroPCS Communications is the lone newcomer on the list of North Texas
companies. Last year, North Texas had 20 Fortune 500 companies.

York led all metro areas with 68 Fortune 500 companies, followed by Chicago
with 29, Houston (25), Washington D.C. (20), and Los Angeles (19). North Texas
tied with Minneapolis at 18 companies.

statewide is home to 52 Fortune 500 headquarters, up from 51 in 2011. Texas
ranks second behind only California’s 53 companies. The Houston metro area and
North Texas combined for 43 of the 52 Texas companies, while San Antonio had
five and Austin had two. El Paso and Corpus Christie each had one company on
the list.

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