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Over 85% of all Irving ISD juniors are scheduled to take the SAT on April 18. This is the highest ever percentage for the school district. This will be during a school day and it will not cost anything for the students. Irving ISD was the first school district in Texas to pilot the College Board’s School Day SAT in 2010 and each year the numbers have risen from the 39% of juniors in Irving ISD who took the test in 2009.

Irving ISD is the only north Texas school district offering the School Day SAT. The agreement with College Board offers the test to the district at a discounted rate, also gives training to administrators at no charge, and gives students free access to the SAT online course.

Irving ISD’s Director of Academic and Career Guidance, Paula Barnhouse says, “Our students are much more likely to take the test when they don’t have to travel to a location on a weekend and if it is no cost for the parents.”

Testing Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Irving High School
MacArthur High School
Nimitz High School
Singley Academy
Cardwell Prep

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