The Irving Public Library is planning their Texas Teens Read: Realm of the Unknown 2012 Summer Reading Club, a statewide initiative which provides a wonderful opportunity for teenagers to maintain their reading skills throughout the summer. They are currently working on 22 exciting programs, all tailored around this year’s theme and would like to give businesses an opportunity to be a part of the program through a sponsorship or donation.


Teen spending already plays a significant role in the economy and through their technological knowledge they also influence their parents’ spending habits. The library has invested a lot of time with many of these teens, through extensive networking and marketing unique events that appeal to this hard to reach demographic.


The Library, through its Young Adult Action Council and Public Information Office can get the word out about business information quickly through social media and their website, which generates over a million hits per year. The library also distributes fliers, newsletters and other advertising for the teen summer reading club, which could display business logos and has the potential to reach 16 thousand students at the middle and high school level in the Irving Independent School District, also the 98 thousand adults on the City of Irving’s listserv. This year’s Summer Reading Club/Texas Teens Read will run from June 1 to July 31.


If you are interested in sponsoring an event, or helping with supplies and prizes, please contact Allison Jenkins or Kristin Treviño for more information.


Allison Jenkins

Teen Services Librarian



Kristin Treviño

Senior Library Assistant


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