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American Jobs and Growth Agenda

In this year’s State of American Business address, Tom Donohue outlined the top issues that will encompass our policy platform this year–our American Jobs and Growth Agenda. To deliver those messages, we are building focused monthly campaigns from February until July. Last month, our efforts were centered on energy, calling on the president to take five steps in the energy sector to unleash American jobs (View the ad  that ran in the Wall Street Journal and Politico). This month, we turned to infrastructure, asking Congress and the administration to get smart on infrastructure and detailing the consequences of inaction (View the ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal and The Hill and a video outlining the problem). In April we’ll move our attention, appropriately, to taxes.

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Quarterly Small Business Outlook Survey Infographic

The survey makes it clear that business owners want Washington regulators and legislators to get out of their way before they feel optimistic enough to hire. Key statistics from the survey are represented in this infographic–a compelling visual way to share data.


100th Anniversary Video

In 2012 the U.S. Chamber’s celebrates its 100th anniversary, and this video tells the history of the organization and how the Chamber is standing up for American free enterprise.

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