CybersecuritySurveyTop.jpg Cybersecurity is critical for the state of Texas in order to improve and grow its economy, defend its information infrastructure, and protect the livelihood of its citizens. As a society we have become increasingly dependent on computer networks to access, store, and manage critical information. As our reliance on these networks increases, we must also increase our awareness of the serious threat that cyber attacks pose to our society. Cyber attacks are real occurrences that have the potential to impact every aspect of our daily lives. Thus, the protection of critical information and communications infrastructure must be a high priority.

During the last legislative session, I had the great honor of authoring Senate Bill 988 (SB 988) with Representative Lyle Larson. SB 988 established the Texas Cybersecurity, Education and Economic Development Council (“Council”). The purpose of the Council is to leverage public and private partnerships for examining the infrastructure of the state’s cybersecurity operations and to produce strategies for accelerating the growth of the cybersecurity industry within Texas.

The Council is currently in the process of gathering valuable research for the legislative report that will be issued later this year. The Council is composed of highly qualified cybersecurity representatives from the Texas government, business, and academic communities; however, the report would be incomplete without your support and participation. Your participation will be invaluable in allowing the Council to not only identify potential problems, but also best practices that can be modeled throughout the state of Texas.

Please fill out the online survey posted on the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) website ( before March 30, 2012. The survey results will allow the Council to identify problems, as well as best practices that should be modeled throughout the state of Texas. For questions, please contact Angel Cruz, Chief Information Security Officer for DIR and the state of Texas, at (512) 463-0130 or

Thank you for partnering with us to address and improve the current cyber security industry in Texas. With innovation and continuous risk mitigation, Texas will become a more secure state for businesses, institutions of education, government, and families.

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