DSC07728.JPGThe Chamber and In-Store Bagging Machine Company celebrated their new product launch and their continuing support for the Chamber with a ribbon cutting today. ISB was established in December 2008 by Paul Bareford, Harry Starkweather, and a small group of investors. Utilizing advanced technology, the ISB design process has now produced one of the most dependable and cost effective ice baggers on the market today.

Several years in research and development, the new ISB unit is what their customers have told them what they wanted and needed from an in-store ice bagging machine. Proprietary in design and technologically advanced, this new ISB ice-bagging machine is easy to use and delivers more high quality ice at a lower cost than any alternative unit on the market today.  


·         The system will hold up to 600 ice bags in a cassette

·         Up to 360 ten pound bags of ice can be produced daily

·         Customize system to meet your needs with selection of ice machine brand and output capacity


For information about In-Store Bagging Machine Company please call 214-614-0254.

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