Allstate Insurance Company plans to open 30 new agencies in Dallas-Fort Worth area this year, creating an estimated 90 new jobs across the area. The company plans on opening 100 agencies total statewide in 2012.


Allstate is looking for sales-driven, customer-service oriented professionals with management experience to own and operate the agencies. These new agency owners could generate 60-plus additional jobs in their communities in North Texas as they will need to hire licensed sales staff to help them run their small businesses.


Growth in North Texas

Allstate’s recruiting goals for 2012 are segmented by area across the state:


City Approx. Recruiting Goal
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:     30     
Houston/Valley:  20     
Central Texas (San Antonio-Austin):      25     
East Texas:      10     
West Texas:      10     


Allstate’s recruiting goals for North Texas make up almost a third of its statewide goals because the D-FW area is one of the fastest growing areas in the state and country.


“Building our agency force is influenced by the strength of the marketplace,” Caunitz said. “We target cities and areas that show growth and increasing demand as a part of Allstate’s broader strategy to expand our presence in North Texas.” 


$1,000 Referral Award

Allstate is now offering a $1,000 award to people who refer a candidate who is successfully appointed as an agency owner in Texas this year.


“We’re looking for your coworkers and acquaintances that have an entrepreneurial spirit, are solution oriented and have a drive to succeed,” Caunitz said.


Interested candidates need a minimum of $50,000 of liquid capital to invest in their agency. This money does not go to Allstate; it’s to help ensure the agency can successfully fund the normal day to day costs associated with opening and running a business.


“The advantage of investing in Allstate is agency owners are able to leverage one of Texas’ most recognized brands without ever having to pay a franchise or licensing fee,” said Tom Caunitz, Allstate’s Texas Strategic Deployment Leader. “The capital invested in the business will go directly toward the success of that agency.”


How to Apply

Interested candidates can learn more about becoming an Allstate agency owner by logging on to or by calling 1-877-711-1006.

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