CHRISTUS.jpgCHRISTUS Health recently announced to its’ Houston and San Antonio associates that the company is consolidating their corporate offices in Irving. 


This exciting news comes in response to the great team effort put forth by our City partners: Mayor Van Duyne, City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, Jonathon Bazan, Max Duplant, Chamber staff and CB Richard Ellis, who represented CHRISTUS in its’ search. 


“This is a big win for Irving residents and an excellent example of how aggressive we have become to create more jobs during a time our residents need it the most.  Hopefully, this will provide job opportunities for those out of work in our community,” said Tommy Gonzalez, Irving City Manager.


CHRISTUS’ representatives specifically commented via phone that Irving’s efforts to bolster its initial incentive offer and the personal involvement by Tommy Gonzalez and Mayor Van Duyne made a difference in the company’s final decision. 

“Regional collaboration made a big difference in this relocation.  It was important for CHRISTUS to know that the North Texas region truly wanted their entire operations here and we were able to demonstrate this collectively,” said Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.


It is also our understanding that as of today, CHRISTUS has not made a final decision on a specific office building, but is looking to lease about 175,000 to 200,000 square feet in Irving. It has narrowed its choice to three buildings and may make a decision in the next few days.


“CHRISTUS will bring over 600 jobs to Irving and the region. We are proud to have them expand and consolidate in our community,” said Chris Wallace, President/CEO, Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.


Points of interest:

·         CHRISTUS has had a small corporate presence in Las Colinas since 2000

·         650+ jobs to relocate from San Antonio & Houston

·         175,000+ sf net expansion of their present Irving operations

·         Chamber and City staffs challenged one another on multiple occasions to fully grasp the overall economic impact of what this consolidation means to Irving and as a result, several incentive offers were made … each an improvement over the prior offer (subject to Council approval)

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