Prop 1:
Tax exemption for surviving spouse of veteran – PASSED

Prop 2:
TX Water Dev Bd issue additional bonds not to exceed $6 Billion – PASSED

Prop 3:
Issue bonds to finance education loans to students – PASSED

Prop 4:
Permit county to issue bonds for development – FAILED

Prop 5: 
Allow city and county to enter interlocal contracts – PASSED

Prop 6: 
Gen Land Ofc distribute revenue for public education – PASSED

Prop 7: 
Permit El Paso County to create reclamation districts – FAILED

Prop 8: 
Appraisal for ad valorem tax of land devoted to water stewardship – FAILED

Prop 9:
Auth. Gov to pardon a person who completed deferred adjudication – PASSED

Prop 10:
Extend length of unexpired term which trigger automatic resignation – PASSED

Election Details:
Precints: 7,428
Registered Voters: 12,841,808
Voter Turnout: <6%

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