ipd2.jpgIn early April, the Irving Police released their 2010 Annual Report that highlights the accomplishments from last year. Some of the most significant results were reductions in the overall crimes rates, a grant from the State of Texas, highway and road safety measures, and technological enhancements to improve operational efficiency.


The bulk of the report is dedicated to the crime reduction results and other activity. Irving Chief of Police Larry Boyd said, “Irving saw a crime reduction again in 2010, setting a record low crime rate for the fourth year in a row. In fact, the crime rate has now decreased for seven consecutive years. Overall crimes dropped by an additional 8.4 percent in 2010 with the most significant reduction in the violent crime category.” Violent crime in Irving decreased 12.5% while property crime saw a decrease of 8.1%.


More areas of crime reduction could be seen in other aspects throughout the city by the Crime Reduction Ordinance, the Problem Solving Unit, and other projects like National Night Out and Juntos Con Irving. The Crime Reduction Ordinance saw declines of 71%.  The Problem Solving Unit focused on the Walnut Hill area which reduce police reports by 48%, Part I offenses are down 39%, drug related offenses are down 75%, and abatable offenses are down 25%. The police department also set up a website just for Walnut Hill residents to communicate with the Problem Solving Unit.


Additionally, thanks to a $150,000 grant from the State of Texas, the Irving Police department created measures to reduce and confront gang-related crime. Officers worked a total 252 hours, implemented aggressive enforcement tactics, and established intervention programs to address gang-related incidents. The grant was also used in other areas such as the purchase of a second bomb robot and various riot control equipment.


Improving motorist safety was also included in the report. The DWI Unit expanded by three officers which resulted in a total of 155 DWI arrests and reduced DWI related accidents by 9%. Red light cameras resulted in 30% reduction in accidents, while the Traffic Complaint Response provided an optimized response process to address public concerns on the roads. Coupled with statewide and national efforts, the commercial vehicle inspections, click-it-or-ticket enforcement, and child safety seat inspections increased awareness and ensured roadway safety to the public.


Technological enhancements have increased the department’s effectiveness and intelligence. The police department partnered with the Information Technology Department to expand electronic citations in police vehicles, upgraded surveillance systems in jails, developed a business intelligence program, expanded digital video recording for motorcycle units, implemented computer aided dispatch and record management hardware, and completed the development of an electronic application that maintains service records for the Family Advocacy Center. In addition, IPD was proclaimed a Certified Partner by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The recognition was for the commitment of call-takers and dispatchers to meet and exceed policy and training requirements established by the NCMEC. Also, the Technical Services division hosts a student internship program for high school students to gain valuable work experience and life skills. The program has shown great results and some of the interns have been offered full time positions.


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