On April 7th, Irving ISD student Samuel Park won the Metro PCS Letter Writing Contest by answering why a professional football player should come to his school. Samuel wrote about the tragic accident regarding an Irving ISD student, Misael Rico, and highlighted the amount of community support involved to help Misael’s recovery efforts.

Samuel hoped his letter would inspire a football player to come to their school and help raise more money to cover Misael’s staggering healthcare costs of over $165,000. As a result, DeMarcus Ware will be attending Farine Elementary School on April 13th.

The schedule includes a talk at 9:30am with students, PE with Samuel’s 5th grade class, and then lunch with all of the 5th graders. Lastly, Ware will then go meet Misael and have lunch with the entire 1st grade.

Samuel’s Letter is below.


The Reason I Want a Pro-Football Player to Come to My School

 On January 13, 2011, my brother’s best friend, Misael, got hit by a car. The first grader and his Mom were walking down the sidewalk after school and a car lost control and drove up the sidewalk and hit them. Two weeks after the accident his doctor bill was more than $165,000. On January 15, we started raising money for him. So far we have raised more than $30,000. But we still have a lot more to raise. 

We raised money by selling Lolligrams, pickles, popcorn and even had a lemonade stand. Our main fundraiser was Basketball for Our Buddy. We raised more than $20,000 by asking our friends and families to donate toward Misael’s bills. On February 11, we played basketball games during PE. Irving’s mayor, school board members and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce came to participate. Several of the other elementary schools are also raising money for Misael.

Right now Misael is in rehab. On February 17, he said his first word since the accident. His teacher’s go to see him regularly to read to him.

If a professional football player came to our school, it could help get the word out about Misael and his needs. Everyone wants Misael to come back to school and his family really needs our help with his bills. That’s why I would like for a professional football player to come to my school.

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