Genghis Khan 2011

Enter His Kingdom . . . If Your Dare

Genghis Khan: The Exhibition invades Irving, June 1 to Sept. 30, 2011. The multi-media exhibition features the largest collection of artifacts from the great conqueror’s reign ever gathered in a single showing.

Khan_is_Coming_for_Page_(1).jpgThe story of Genghis Khan the conqueror, the myth and the man is told through a stunning and highly interactive world-tour exhibition. Genghis Khan: The Exhibition follows the life of a poor, illiterate child as he becomes one of the world’s greatest conquerors and leaves a lasting imprint on modern-day culture. More than 200 artifacts including gold jewelry, weaponry, silk robes, currency, tomb treasures, a mummy and more are displayed alongside video-screens, handicraft and weaponry activity stations and role-playing kiosks to create an educational and historical experience for visitors of all ages.

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