Yesterday, Irving students who participated in the Future Leaders of Irving graduated completing the 2011 spring sessions. Future Leaders of Irving (FLI) is a program which identifies, educates, and helps develop out local youth to become future business and civic leaders.  Each student participated in multiples sessions with topic on government, transportation / infrastructure, non-profit agencies and the private sector.

Each of the graduates had an opportunity to speak in front of their graduating classmates as well as the attending audience.  Student Venshard Dobbins commented, “FLI has altered my perception of Irving.  I have been misled by a lot of common misconceptions of some of the organizations we visited.”  Dobbins continued, “The program that takes you behind the scenes with some of the people who make Irving such a great city.”

For additional information regarding Future Leaders of Irving contact Alysia Bell at

Pictured below is the Spring 2011 Future Leaders of Irving graduating class.


Future Leaders of Irving.jpg


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