We mentioned briefly last week a fundraiser for Misael, an Irving ISD student who was injured in a car accident.


The Chamber is pleased to report that the event was a huge success. Students brought in more than $18,000 in two weeks (note: 5 of those days were ice days)!!!


On Friday February 11, Mayor Herbert Gears visited Misael’s classroom during the Basketball for Our Buddy Fundraiser, encouraging the students, and informing them that he had collected $500 from some of his friends. After making this donation, he then went to the gym and played some basketball with the 4th graders.

The medical bills are mounting and the family will need much more than has been collected. So please do make a donation to this cause if you are able! Donations are accepted online here.  




Farine 1.jpgStudents shoot baskets for Misael


Farine 2.jpg

A steady flow of money required a Farine office be dedicated to counting the donations


Farine 3.jpg Mayor Gears visits Misael’s classroom


Farine 4.jpg

Mayor Gears shakes the hand of a young student




Farine 5.jpgThe Mayor shows off his jumpshot!

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