We told you all about Irving Day in Austin but just prior to our visit to the Capital, two of the primary public school districts that serve Irving had their turn in Austin.  

Students and representatives from the Carrolton-Farmers Branch Independent School District and the Irving Independent School District attended the Texas Capitol Schoolhouse event on Jan. 31 in the Capitol Building. The event provided an opportunity for both districts to showcase how technology is being implemented to further learning in the classroom.

As the 82nd Texas Legislative Session gears up, the districts took advantage of being able to set up their classrooms in the capitol, conducting class as they do every day in their home districts but with an audience of state legislators, leaders and the public.

The day began with special remarks from many event supporters, including Senator Florence Shapiro who we noted had some very complementary things to say during Irving Day in Austin, Senator Ken Armbrister, and Representative Rob Eissler.  Senator Shapiro presented a Schoolhouse resolution later in the day on the Senate Floor. 

“The technology these students have the opportunity to work with is impressive, and their experience will be a huge benefit as they enter the workforce,” stated Alysia Bell, Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration for the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, who attended the event in support of local school districts.

“The participating schools clearly demonstrate their effective day-to-day use of educational technology in teaching their students and preparing them for the 21st century,” added Dr. Deborah Jolly, schoolhouse organizer and executive director. “We bring the schools together to show our legislators the wonderful things their technology funding has done for Texas classrooms. Each time the event becomes more and more impressive as the technology use becomes more and more sophisticated.”


Schoolhouse 2.jpgIrving ISD student, Elias Baez speaks during the Texas Schoolhouse Event


Schoolhouse 3.jpgSenator Florence Shapiro praises the schools’ use of technology in the classroom


Schoolhouse 4.jpg IISD setting up for the event


Schoolhouse 5.jpg

Students gather in the Capitol Rotunda Basement

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