Irving’s economic development team engaged in 26 job creation and retention projects over the past year. These projects have created 2,042 new jobs and 3,885 retained jobs in Irving! Overall, Texas is leading the nation in creating new jobs, and the Wall Street Journal recently took note of that fact, calling Texas the place where new jobs are being created in a Review & Outlook piece.


The WSJ describes Texas as a “mecca for high tech, venture capital, aeronautics, health care and even industrial manufacturing like the building of cars and trucks.” Noting Texas’ status as the nation’s top home for newly-created jobs, the Journal compared Texas with other large states, including California, New York and New Jersey, which all continued to post job losses in September.


“This continues a longer term trend,” the Journal wrote. “Over the last year, as the economy was beginning to grow again, the Lone Star State has led the nation with the addition of nearly 153,000 jobs, while California surrendered 43,700, New Jersey lost 42,300 and New York dropped 14,600.”


The Journal credited Texas’ low taxes and employer-friendly environment as key to its success.


“There is a lesson here for Washington,” the Journal concluded. “If the next crop of Governors and the 112th Congress want faster growth and more job creation, they’ll avoid the mistakes of California and New York and learn from Texas.”


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